Deniliquin Aluminium Windows has been part of the Deniliquin community since approximately 1970. The business was purchased by Rodney and Lisa Priest in 2017, and they are proud to carry on the quality customer service and products that had been established by the owners in years gone by.

Rod and Lisa look forward to bringing advances in technology to the business, and hope to expand in the future, supporting employment growth in Deniliquin and the surrounding towns.



At Deniliquin Aluminium Windows we custom manufacture a large range of windows to suit your individual design, budget and energy efficiency needs. We offer all the traditional window forms – fixed, sliding, awning, double hung, bi-fold, casement, Louvre – and manufacture these to the exact size required, with options chosen by you.

We focus on two product ranges to cater for your design and budget expectations:

Essentials Range – A cost-effective building solution that maintains high standards in quality and design - this range has stood the test of time, and the minor design upgrades over the years have ensured it will continue to outlast the competition. Frames are narrower (52mm), and maximum window sizes are smaller.

Signature Range – Our premium range which meets high end performance and design demands. Frames are wider (100mm), window sizes can be larger, wind and acoustic ratings are higher, and double glazing is an easy option. A robust, reliable range that gives any home a touch of architectural design.

We fit these windows with glass as chosen by you – options include double glazing, comfort plus, low e, laminated glass, safety glass, plain glass and obscured glass. All our glass is manufactured in Australia by Viridian, and meets Australian Standards.

Sliding Windows


Our popular sliding windows are available in the Essential and Signature ranges and can be easily configured to suit your home. They can be fitted with insect or security screens and locking handles. Sliding windows offer maximised views, with strength, security and reliability.

See the attached brochure for optional features in each of these ranges.

Double Hung Windows


Our double hung windows are available in the Essential and Signature range, and provide an ideal solution where ventilation is desired in a limited-space location. Their stabilising roller and multi-spring balance system ensure both the top and bottom hung sashes are easily adjustable to any position. We can manufacture to a range of sizes and configurations, and provide high quality locks, a range of frame colours, single or double glazing, and optional insect or security screens. See the attached brochure for more information on these options.

In many instances, our aluminium double hung windows can be made to meet heritage requirements set by local councils – but we recommend you check your specific council restrictions first.

Awning Windows


Aluminium awning windows are a great way to invite natural light and ventilation into your home, while providing protection from the elements. Available in the Essential and Signature ranges, these windows are packed with features and have been designed with modern living in the Australian climate firmly in mind. These windows are top-quality, with stainless steel chains, smooth winding operation, and high quality seals.

Like our other windows, awning windows come with many options – colours, single or double glazing, folding handles, security/insect screens etc – see the attached brochure for more information.

An exciting recent addition to our awning windows range is the option of remote controlled automatic winders. This is a fantastic option for windows located out of reach – with a touch of a button the windows open or shut! You can even partially open the window if you wish, and the windows automatically lock when closed for security. We can also link the auto operation to your wifi home control system, or to your Bluetooth device using the Elevation Windows Control System, by Lockwood. Be sure to drop in at the showroom for a demonstration!

Bi-Fold Windows


Ideal as a server window, or simply for maximum air and light, our Signature bi-fold windows suit a number of different contexts. With an effortless roller system that allows you to create a full opening, you can choose to install your bi fold windows so that they stack to one or both sides. The robust 100m frames can support single or double glazing, and match our other Signature range products perfectly.

Due to the nature of bi-fold windows, they are not suitable for conventional insect screens.

Fixed Windows


Our fixed windows allow you to showcase extensive views and invite maximum natural light into your home. Available in the Essential or Signature ranges, these windows can be used as a standalone feature, or combined with other windows or doors to create an architecturally stunning design. These windows allow you to create large showpiece views – just call to discuss how we can configure your glazing and framing options to best suit your home.

Casement Windows


Welcome the fresh air and natural light into you home with our contemporary take on an old-style favourite. Our casement windows are available in the Signature and Essential ranges and open to 90 degrees, maximising views and natural lighting. High quality seals and stainless-steel stays ensure they are perfectly suited to the Australian climate.

Louvre Windows


When it comes to enjoying a breath of fresh air, our Signature Louvre windows have got your back. A modern take on a golden oldie, our Louvre windows are easy to clean and easy to operate. They can be locked in position, and can be combined with insect or security screens, and come with a range of options – see the attached brochure.



At Deniliquin Aluminium Windows we custom manufacture a large range of doors to suit your individual design, budget and energy efficiency needs. We offer all the traditional forms – sliding, hinged and bi-fold doors – and manufacture these to your required size, colour and configuration.

We then fit these doors with glass as chosen by you – options include double glazing, comfort plus, low e, laminated glass, safety glass, plain glass and obscured glass. See our website for further information on these options.

Sliding Doors


Sliding doors have long been a staple in Australian homes. Our Signature sliding doors are stylish and practical, and provide class-leading height and width options. We can also configure these as a corner-meeting unit or a cavity slider for maximum indoor/outdoor living. Designed with aesthetic, lifestyle, and performance features firmly in mind, they’re a practical way to maximise the views and natural light in your home.

Hinged Doors


A traditional style with a modern finish, our Signature and Essential hinged glass doors are a homeowner favourite. With a variety of design options, superior locks and optional security and insect screens, our hinged doors will suit almost any space in your home.

Bi-Fold Doors


Maximise your entry space and create a seamless indoor-outdoor entertaining experience with our Signature bi fold doors. Opening almost effortlessly along high performance rollers, our bi fold doors include innovative corner configuration options that allow you to install them in any context. Stylish, modern, and practical, they also feature superior locks and weather-proofing to help keep you and your property safe.

Screen Doors


Don’t put up with torn flyscreens - we can repair your existing flyscreen windows by replacing the mesh. We also make new flyscreens to order – with your choice of frame colour, and made to size based on your existing damaged screens (bring them in), an on-site measure, or your own measurements.

Window safety screen in white diamond grille

Screen Doors


Deniliquin Aluminium Windows offer a range of screen options to create your perfect screen doors.

Our standard screen doors are fitted with insect mesh and black diamond grille, but this option comes in several patterns and colours.

Heavy duty mesh such as Alugard, galvanised steel mesh, and DVA one-way mesh (which reduces visibility into your home) also offer great stand-alone mesh solutions for your doors. These products are robust and look great – have a chat with our sales team to discuss which of these options will suit your home. (see Screen Windows section for more detail)

We also offer half/half doors where the top half is screened and the bottom half is solid aluminium sheet – ideal for where a heavy duty solution is required.

Deni Windows also supply and fit a range of federation style door panels, made from cast aluminium, to match the period features of your home. These doors are available in standard sizes only – see the attached brochure.

Security Doors


Deniliquin Aluminium Windows can create safety screen doors to improve the security of your home, however, we are not licenced to supply true security doors. Legislation governing security doors requires that installers hold a special licence.

When installing SECURITY DOORS the door jam configuration needs to meet certain requirements, and we find that in most of our existing houses, the door jam would need to be replaced in order to call the door a true security door.

So we have compromised, and provide products that can be modified to give you more peace of mind to deter intruders – including extra hinges, heavy duty mesh and grills, and 3 point locking systems.





Deniliquin Aluminium Windows can supply, manufacture and install solutions for many commercial applications. Some of our recent big projects include the extensions on the Hay Library, renovations of the shop front and internal windows at Middy’s Deniliquin, and a new shop front at Aura Beauty, Swan Hill. We also offer servicing and repairs to existing commercial doors and windows – making sure your sliding doors slide smoothly, your doors latch and lock securely, and your broken glass is replaced quickly with top quality safety glass.

Shower Screens


We supply and fit all kinds of custom-made shower screening options, but our three most popular options are pivot-door framed showers, semi-frameless shower screens, and frameless shower panels. We make these to the specific shape and measurements of your shower.

In our region we find that many existing houses have shifted out of square alignment, and to perfectly fit the shower the screens need to be made out of square. This is easy to achieve with one of our custom made shower screens – but standard sized screens purchased elsewhere can pose a big problem. They often don’t fit quite right, which can cause leaking, and affect the appearance of your renovations. We can help you modify these showers, but this is time consuming and expensive, and unfortunately the finish is never as nice as it would have been with a screen custom-made to fit your individual shower.

By purchasing a shower screen custom-made by Deniliquin Aluminium Windows you can be confident you are getting a screen that looks great and will function perfectly.

Our frameless shower panels utilise 10mm or 12mm thick safety glass, and are a sophisticated option where a shower door is not required.

Our semi-frameless screens consist of a stylish frameless glass door on a pivot hinge, with minimalistic frames that come in several colours. These elegant showers combine design with functionality and are a great upgrade to standard showers.

Our framed shower screens are a robust family favourite that provide a budget friendly option to your bathroom renovations.

Frameless shower panel

Framed shower pic 1

Framed shower, bright natural colour

Frameless shower panel

Semi-frameless shower, black

Frameless shower pic 2

Semi-frameless shower, bright natural

Wardrobe Doors


Deniliquin Aluminium Windows manufacture custom made wardrobe doors to your specific requirements. We can provide classic or slimline versions, with strong aluminium frames, multiple track configurations, and we offer a variety of inserts – including mirror, coloured glass, and Laminex coated board. We have sample doors for view in our showroom – drop in for some inspiration!



We can supply and fit mirrors to your specific application, including framed or polished-edged mirrors. We can also cut mirror to size to replace broken car mirrors.



We can supply and fit Pyro glass to replace cracked glass in your slow combustion wood heaters.



Your choice of glazing has a great impact on the performance of your window – both aesthetically, and through energy efficiency. There are many options to consider, so we recommend talking to our experienced sales team to discuss your requirements, but here is a brief description of the main options:

  • Double glazing – these units offer greater insulation than single-glazed windows, due to the sealed air gap between 2 layers of glass. The thickness of the glass panels and the air gap can be modified to suit your energy efficiency requirements, we offer some of the thickest and best double glazing options on the market.
  • Low e (low emissivity) – low-e glass (Smartglass®) is glass coated on the internal surface with a thin, relatively invisible metal layer, which reflects sunlight. It is a cost effective option to reduce heat transfer, and has the added benefit of blocking up to 84% of UV light (which can cause fading of curtains and furniture). We can supply low e glass in darker tinted colours or within a double glazing unit to reduce heat gain even further. Low e glass needs to be cleaned careful to avoid deterioration of the coating (see resource section for instructions).
  • Laminated glass – where layers of glass are adhered together to improve acoustic, safety and insulating performance. Several options are available including the type and thickness of the glass layers, and your choice will depend on whether your focus is energy efficiency, noise reduction, and/or privacy. We can include a low-e coating on laminated glass to improve the reflection of sunlight, or we can body tint the glass to reduce visibility into your home, or we can create a thicker laminate to block more noise – or we can do a combination of these! Laminated glass is a safety glass – it does not shatter when it breaks because the laminate layers holds the shards together.
  • Toughened glass – this glass is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass, and when it breaks it disintegrates into small blunt-edged pieces of glass that don’t cut skin. The toughening process can be applied to almost any type of glass, and can be laminated for extra safety. It comes in a range of thicknesses to further improve impact-resistance.
  • Tinted and obscured glass – we can supply tinted glass for improved energy conservation and privacy, and obscured or frosted glass where visibility is prevented but light can still enter the room.
  • Standard float glass – our standard glass can be clear or tinted, and is available in a range of thicknesses to suit your application. Our glaziers can cut float glass to size, including non standard shapes such as circles and irregular shapes. We can also supply and cut glass for small applications such as picture frames and clock faces.


We can supply Perspex to your requirements, including thickness, and cut-to size.